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Incarnate your hero and beat the enemy team

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Dota 2 is the second release of the Defense of the Ancients saga created by Valve Corporation. It started being a free beta version which was launched two years ago, getting to be a greatly active community on the Steam platform. It is based on multiplayer action experiences and it’s a remake of Warcraft 3. That’s the reason why they have a similar gameplay.

In Dota 2 players will enjoy a RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game in which they have to protect their ‘Ancient Fortress’. Success on the combat lines will only be a result of teamwork and coordination. Even if you’re a beginner, you will know how to be a hero and the dynamic of this game; it has an available tutorial explaining the basic rules.

How to be a hero in this game after you download it for free

In this game, players will have to get divided into two teams of five people each. The one located in the field’s southwest corner is called the ‘Radiant’ faction while the one in the northeast is known as ‘Dire’ faction. In Dota 2 each team has to destroy their opponents’ tower and defend their own, as the enemies will try to do the same.

Each user must select a hero of the ones available, taking into account his abilities and weapons. Each of them has 4 weapons to use and different physical and mental capabilities. Players must accumulate Gold and eliminate the higher number of enemies possible in order to move to upper levels. The items that are available in the shop will get your more stats for building your hero the way it is needed depending on its strong and weak points.

Dota 2 Full Version Features

Dota 2 offer some new features for its players that makes it one of the references in the MOBA genre:

  • It has enhanced graphics
  • Users can choose a hero among the 98 ones available, from the moment you download it
  • It has 25 different maps that are available from the very beggining
  • Users have 5 minutes to come back after leaving the game, option given for avoiding afk users
  • It has an automatic update system that checks for new content everytime it is needed
  • Playing it on Steam allows you to unlock enhancements and awards
  • It provides a training mode for getting used to its controls and game mechanics
  • It is a f2p game, so you will get it for free
  • Multiplayer and competitive online mode
  • Co-op option
  • You need a Steam account in order to download and install the game

If you want to read more information about this game, you can do it here .

System Requirements

Below are the minimum system requirements to download for free Dota 2:

  • Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.26 GHz or AMD Athlon
  • RAM: needs 1.0 GB
  • Hard Disk Space: it requires 5GB
  • Account on Steam

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