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  • Date Updated: OCT-10-2013
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Experience the real Volvo feeling in this racing game

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Volvo The Game is an action racing PC game available to download for free in which users will have the opportunity of driving a set of Volvo cars, and participating in a real car race. Although it was developed by one of the most popular car developers in the world, the truth is that this game is not able to leave the starting line yet. This title is not able to compete with most of the driving games that offer loads of cars or multiple game modes, but at least it deserves a try since the idea is pretty good.

Volvo The Game graphics and view modes make players feel as if they were at a race track. On the other hand, its poor collection of scenarios and car models could get players bored since they could feel unsatisfied with the options it provides with the download. The gameplay tries to be as real as possible but the few available cars and tracks can't suffice hardcore gamer users with this free action racing game.

How to play this racing game on your PC

In Volvo The Game users can choose between six Volvo cars and two race tracks in order to compete with other drivers. The game has three modes to play, as well as three levels of difficulty, to offer all kind of users the same gameplay according to their action driving experience. In this game you can change your view and see what it’s like driving a Volvo car from inside with great realism.

Thanks to this Volvo game you will be able to drive as many classic Volvo cars you want from the recent C30 to the lifelong 240 Turbo Group A. The variety of cars is just poor, but those selected are well created with their charm and identity. You just have to download this free PC game created by car experts to enjoy the feeling of real racing as it is meant to be. Volvo The Game would not be the ultimate driving game but it can fulfills the expectations that just are looking for some racing game experience.

Volvo The Game 1 Features

These are the features that this game offers to its players:

A Volvo collection of six different cars each one with its own characteristics

Two race tracks: Gothenburg Eco Drive Arena (Sweden) and Chayaka (Ukraine)

Three difficulty levels available: easy mode, medium and Professional

Three game modes: quick race, competition and a lap with limited time

The cars are very detailed and similar to their real ones

Realistic player view with different camera options

For further information of this racing title you can check the author’s site .

System requirements

The minimum requirements to play this game are listed below:

Operating System: Windows XP or further


Graphic card compatible with DirectX9

Hard Disk Space: 1GB

Check the developer's webpage for more details.

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