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Google Earth Pro let you observe the world from the comfort of your computer

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Google Earth Pro is a geography tool specially created for professional users.

This program does not only improve the ordinary Google Earthversion, it also includes new professional tools that business customers will benefit from. Designed as a 3D interactive globe, Google Earth Pro can be used for sightseeing and visiting streets, cities, monuments and places all around the world. Nevertheless, its professional usages are the main attraction.

Combining maps and satellite imagery, it allows you to visualize any site from your own chair. Furthermore, you can profit from some of its exclusive tools such as demographic rates or data layers as well as the possibility of sharing videos with other users.

An improved Google Earth

While the traditional version of this software was intended to be a home utility, Google Earth Pro provides a set of advanced features planned for a business use. Among other things, it allows you to see GPS information from your device, and it also includes Draw Path and Draw Polygon: tools you will be able to use in order to create and design routes.

Moreover, you can import your own data to the software like images, lines, paths or polygons. Google Earth Pro gives the user an active role as it incorporates a movie creator and a map maker tool.

Other available alternatives of Google Earth Pro

Besides its professional features, this program is similar to other geographic tools you can get for free such as the already mentioned Google Earth. Although it lacks from some of the Pro version’s utilities, this software still allows you to explore almost every little corner of the world with a powerful and highly detailed zoom.

Another possible option is Celestia, a 3D simulation software that goes further away by exploring the outer space. With this program you will be able to leave the earth and travel through more than 100.000 stars.


Google Earth Pro is Google Earth’s big brother, as it includes a more adult tone and more complex features in order to achieve business goals, without leaving behind the classic utilities.

  • HQ pictures and maps
  • Wide range of features
  • Movie creator included
  • Gives the option to design routes
  • Overwhelming for common users

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