BitTorrent Surf 0.8.4 Free Download


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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 0.8.4
  • Date Updated: MAY-29-2014
  • Developer: BitTorrent

BitTorrent Surf, that doesn’t bother you while it’s downloading

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BitTorrent Surf is a file sharing application that allows you to search and download archives directly from the searcher.

It is highlighted for its simplicity in comparison with others similar programs and for not bothering you when you are working at the same time.

Also, this application has a very intuitive interface and easy process. Never mind your knowledge in computers, you can use it and download files as if you were an advanced user.

Main characteristics of BitTorrent Surf

What you have to do to use BitTorrent Surf is just download the executive file. When it is installed, you will able to start looking for whatever you want. That’s really simple!

When you know what you want to download, you can look for it and then click above the file. It will start in that moment and you can see the process whenever you want.

BitTorrent Surf can establish the share ratio for each file. This tool is more complicate and it is not recommended for beginners. Neither you can set a limit of upload and download speeds.

This application stores the files you get in the “Downloads” folder. The problem is that you aren’t able to change the destination of your downloads, so they will be directly sent there.

Last but not least, BitTorrent Surf lets you work while it is downloading. So, you don’t have to be focused on the torrents or in the process. It works through a searcher, so it facilitates you to control it at the same you do whatever you want in Internet.

Other alternatives

There are a great variety of alternatives in P2P applications like uTorrent. It has a huge amount of files and a great diversity of content. Also, you have at your disposal a well-explained guide for non-advanced users. With uTorrent, your biggest problem will be which file you want to download first.

BitComet. is the ideal alternative to people that want to download files in an easier way. It includes a very intuitive interface and you’ll have the control of what you are downloading in any moment.


BitTorrent Surf facilitates you the possibility of downloading files at the time you are working in other things. It includes a really good searcher, being quite easy and simple, especially for beginners.

  • Quite simple
  • Set a share ratio
  • Control over the downloads
  • You can’t select destination folder
  • No cap in uploading or downloading speed

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