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  • Date Updated: DEC-04-2013
  • Developer: Baltagy

Create your personal playlists and listen them wherever you want with iTunes Portable

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iTunes Portable is an audio player software that allows you to burn CDs and create your playlists in an intuitive and simple interface.

If you want to convert CDs into different formats or just listen radio stations all over the world, that’s your application. Also, it gives you the possibility of downloading the song to your CD player and afterwards, you can create your personal music library.

Main characteristics

iTunes Portable goes further than other audio players. If you’re interested in what music likes your favourite artist or even knowing everything about their personal lives, iTunes Ping is the social network you need. You can see through this tool if they are on tour or if they’ve published videos or photos.

Even if you are more interested in watching television, iTunes Portable offers you the possibility of doing it wherever and whenever you want. Also, just for a little amount of money, you won’t be interrupted by commercials and you’ll have at your disposal thousands of episodes even in HD.


Besides, iTunes Portable improves its synchronization with other devices. Thanks to the new bar you could know how much space you have used in real time. If you make any modification in your iTunes Portable, it will be changed at the moment you connect your computer to your devices. It’s a faster and easier way to keep everything under control.

In the last version, iTunes Portable has modified its iTunes Match and iCloud, being more effective than before. Also, you could display items that have duplicated in your library.

This application has a new interface which is easier to use, even if you haven’t used an audio player before. Besides, it includes a new player design and they have redesigned its iTunes store.

Other alternatives for iTunes Portable

Floola offers you the possibility of listening to music and to create your personal library without any installation. It could be used in different devices, even with different operating system. You only need to install QuickTime to run it.

Songbird Portable is a digital music library that allows you to listen to music everywhere. Besides, this application creates automatically a list of the reproduced music, facilitating you to play them again.


If you are interested in an easy, faster and portable audio player, iTunes Portable is the application you were looking for. Including an amazing social network and an advanced sync with your computer, it is a professional app to everyone’s approach.

  • Portable
  • Great sync
  • Television in high-definition
  • Some paid-services
  • Incompatibility with some devices

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