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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 4.6.1
  • Date Updated: JUL-24-2015
  • Developer: IObit.

Make your android devices safer and more secure with Advanced Mobile Care

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Advanced Mobile Care is a security suite that allows you to keep safe your Android tablets and phones.

The software gives you the Advanced Mobile Care cleans your device quickly, just pressing the “Scan” button. Afterwards, it will do it automatically when you download and install any app. Also, Advanced Mobile Care includes a scan for malware, cache files and junk.

With this software for Android devices you can be safer when it comes to surfing the web with the high protection the application provides.

Advanced Mobile Care 4.6.1 Features

This suite contains an application manager and a utility for closing tools. This task killer can finish processes that you don’t need automatically, or if you prefer it, you can select which one you don’t need to keep activated.

The last version helps you in case of theft thanks to the Anti-theft app. What you have to do is to set a password and when you activate it, this tool will give you a location of where mobile phone is.

This application allows you to block them with the tool “Call Blocker”. You could select which phone number you want to obstruct or just every one made from a non-contact.

It has also included a new Game Speeder. This tool adds the game to a list to use them with a great optimization procedure and they will work faster. If Advanced Mobile Care didn’t recognize it, you could add it yourself.

Also, this application has a battery manager that let you know your consumption of it. It will estimate the remaining time and you can predetermine which application you want to reduce its wasting in case of lower battery.

The Privacy Locker allows Advanced Mobile Care to save your multimedia files securely. It will be kept under a password, so you could have your personal archives under control.

Other alternatives

If you want a specialized application to mobile phones, free and more intuitive, AVG Mobile Antivirus will be the solution. But if you are an expert in technology, your perfect antivirus will be Advanced WindowsCare Professional for your computer.


Advanced Mobile Care offers a complete suite to make your Android device safer and cleaner. Thanks to the antivirus and the great amount of tools, you could have an excellent application to keep your Android device protected.

  • Free
  • Quite intuitive
  • Huge protection of files
  • Continuous Secure Maintenance
  • Unneeded animations
  • Too basic for expert users

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