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All-in-one solution for your daily office tasks using Microsoft Office 2010 Professional

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Microsoft Office 2010 Professional offers a complete office suite of advanced and useful tools. This MS package includes seven utilities which will be useful to create many different types of documents and multiple free templates to offer you extra help while carrying out different tasks in your home or workplace.

Word, Excel and Powerpoint are the best known programs and you probably have heard of some of them. Once you download this package you will see how practical is to suit the needs of professionals, students and general users.


Word is the crown jewel of Microsoft Office. This word processor helps you to write and edit documents, works with all popular formats, including the possibility of saving files as PDF. Furthermore, it enables the user to send those files by email through Outlook.

Another great novelty of this program is the use of Skydrive, a Microsoft’s free cloud computing service where users can save their documents.

Moreover, its interface has been radically upgraded and the tools have been expanded thanks to the new functions of tables, graphs or text formatting options.


Excel, which provides tools to work with spreadsheets, has probably experienced the least dramatic makeover of any program of this office suite.

This version includes a collaborative editing tool, which enables different users to work on the same document simultaneously. This functionality is especially useful when you are at work and there are multiple employees who have to update the same file.

Excel also offers to use Skydrive and a protected view for suspicious files.


Powerpoint, a tool to design presentations, has incorporated some new improvements that experienced users will notice quickly. Its main change involves media capture and editing, which makes possible to insert the videos you download from different sites such as YouTube, as well as from any local storage.

Powerpoint also allows to save files on Skydrive and includes a protected view.


Outlook is an email client platform which is used in many offices. The new version is easier to use than its predecessors and its way to accomplish task has been simplified with quick steps.

OneNote, Publisher and Access

On the other hand, there are three more programs than can be useful but they aren’t as popular as Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Outlook:

OneNote gathers all types of content, such as notes, drawings or audio commentaries and it’s based on multi-user collaboration.

Publisher is a desktop publishing which is usually considers as an entry-level program. It’s more focused on the design and page layout rather than text composition.

Access is a powerful database manager for gathering the information which is being tracked by the user. While using Access, the user can also import the information which is stored in other databases. It offers the possibility of collecting basic information such as phone numbers. Besides that, Access is also useful as a work tool as you can track data of large groups or clients, as well as target your customers or use it when you have to run the same report periodically.

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional: benefits

Due to its versatility and huge variety of tools, Microsoft Office can be used for both professionals and general users who need office utilities. The programs have both advanced and basic features. Every interface is pretty simple and intuitive and any user will get used to the basics functions. Whatever your purpose is, your productivity will be increased.


If you don’t want to get the full paid version of Microsoft Office 2010 Professional and want to try some alternatives, there is another interesting package: Open Office. It also includes office tools, but it’s free and doesn’t have any time restrictions.


Microsoft Office 2010 Professional is a must for professionals, students and general users who need utilities at work or home. Since this productivity suite comes with several programs, you will surely find the one which is right for you.

Trial: some functions are restricted

  • Intuitive interface
  • Huge variety of tools
  • Multiple functions
  • All-in-one solution
  • Few tools are a bit complex
  • Expensive

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