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Pacman Original: Enjoy a game that sticks to its origins!

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Pacman Original is a PC classic game that will allow users to turn their nostalgia into fun. There are multiple maze levels in which the yellow character is chased by its four enemies.

In Pacman Original gameplay mechanic remains unchanged and stays close to its roots. This, would be appreciated for some people, and seen as a weakness for some others who demand new features. Pacman Original adds new graphical enhancements to enrich players’ experience.

Game dynamics of Pacman Original

You will have to guide your yellow Pacman around the maze in order to eat as many pills as possible. While performing that task of cleaning the screen, you will have to be aware of the ghosts chasing you.

To eliminate them, you will have four big flashing pills available. They are located in each corner of the maze, and once you eat them, all monsters will turn blue. This means you can eat them (before they get their original colors back) and be awarded with more points. You will have finished the level after eating all the pills without being caught.

Similar software

If you love Pacman but you are willing to try new functions, then download Deluxe Pacman. It provides more tools to enable users to eliminate enemies, such as guns or dynamites. Also, the 120 levels are customizable.

Other alternative is 3D Pacman. As its name suggests, it provides 3D graphics, remaking the original game and adapting it to modern times. Besides, it offers several bonuses and multiplayer mode.


Downloading Pacman Original will allow players to relive their Pacman experiences as if they were travelling to the past. Even though this game provides graphical improvements, it keeps in every moment its essence.

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  • Easy to install
  • Sticks to its origins
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  • Unchanged graphics

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