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Scary Maze 3 is a puzzle PC game you won’t stop playing

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Scary Maze 3 is a free ability PC game which is available to download in order to start playing online. As any other similar games, it is suitable for any kind of players thanks to its simplicity.

Scary Maze 3 only requires you to control a red dot and bring it to the other end of a labyrinth without touching its sides.

There are now several free games released by different game providers. But many followers still keep on looking for a perfect game most especially a game that every kind of people could play. Their search could now be over because of Scary Maze 3.

Gameplay of Scary Maze 3

Scary maze 3 is simple game that will give you fun and excitement. You just have to control a red dot by using your mouse to get it through a labyrinth. The red dot shouldn’t touch the edges of the labyrinth. You’ll have to return from the start if you fail the obstacle. Scary Maze 3 provides simple gameplay which makes it easy to play.

Other PC games

Although this game is composed of simple gameplay, it promises not to bore the player. The mechanics applied is the same all throughout the game. What makes it exciting is that Scary Maze 3 increases its difficulty level as you proceed from one to another.

Each level holds different type of labyrinth. Each one was made more exciting and difficult to accomplish as you proceed to a higher level. This game promises more thrill as you finish every level. This makes this ability game differ from Bomb Jack and Whirlpools. There is no progress on the level of difficulty on the two said game unlike with Scary Maze 3.


Scary Maze 3 is a very simple game that anyone can enjoy. It provides simple rules and exciting levels which makes the player away from boredom. It will test your patience and determination to finish one obstacle and proceed to another.

  • Easy to download and play
  • Exciting and thrilling
  • Free
  • Repetitive

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