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Pool Master, an easy pool game for players who want to initiate in this sport

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Pool Master is a PC game in which you will be able to improve your billiard skills.

Pool Master allows you to virtually play billiards in a basic and simple way. This simulator has two game modes: Arcade and Practice. For example, one of the main characteristics of the second playing one is that you can adjust the level of difficulty according to your preferences.

On the other hand, Pool Master has eight levels that considerably increase the difficulty of the game at the same time you go through the different screens. In this game, the only rival you have is your computer, which gradually become in a more powerful player to make the game more challenging for you.

A game to pass time

This game is both fun and easy to play. It also has an intuitive interface which is suitable for any kind of user and doesn’t consume your system resources a lot. It could be too simple for those video game fans who are used to play online against their friends or other users. For instance, Pool Master doesn’t have a multiplayer mode which allows people to play against each other.

Besides that, this game lacks of customizable features as you can’t choose any detail of your pool table, balls or aspect of the play. Pool Master comes with other options but those are a bit simple. For example, it allows you to save your scores and compare them with other players who are playing this game online.

Similar alternatives to Pool Master

If you are interested in other pool games you can also play Snooker147 or 3D Live Snooker. The first one has 2D graphics and may look a bit outdated. However, it comes with more advanced features than Pool Master since it enables you to play against your friends and counts with help for colour-blind users, who can modify the ball layout.

On the other hand, 3D Live Snooker is more advanced in terms of technology and has 3D graphics, support for multiple players and high precision ball movement.


Pool Master is a decent billiard game which is especially focused on casual players who are looking for an easy simulator just to spend their time or initiate in this sport. However, it may not suit the needs of expert gamers.

  • 8 levels of difficulty
  • Easy to play
  • Intuitive interface
  • Low system consumption
  • No multiplayer mode
  • Few advanced features

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