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  • Version: 12
  • Date Updated: SEP-14-2015
  • Developer: StatSoft.

Statistica, a useful software that performs tasks easily

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Statistica is a statistics and analytics software that can help you process all your data in a fast and easy way. Since this program is a bit specific, it is recommended to use the free trial version before you download the full utility. In addition, the new version of Statistica 10 is pretty practical since it is compatible with different systems like Windows.

Doing statistical works is one of the tasks that many people would not want to perform. It may include confusing and complicated commands. But with the use of Statistica, you can now have your statistical outputs without having too much burden.

Advantages of Statistica

Statistica 10 can effortlessly process all the different tasks that you need to perform with your data. This program can trouble-free manage how to run your simple data management and data analysis. This utility could also easily perform data mining and advanced data visualization in a fast and hassle-free manner.

This software was developed by StatSoft. Unlike other statistical programs that are available to download on the Web like Gretl, Statistica is a very powerful tool that you can make use of with your hard to accomplish tasks when it comes to statistics. Statistica includes analytic and exploratory graphs. These tools could be useful in your data visualizations.

Simple interface of Statistica 10

In order to manipulate data using this utility, all you have to do is to simply load a table and apply statistical functions from its pull-down menus using the ribbon bar. There is no need for you to enter various hard to remember commands which will lessen the complications that you can encounter.

Statistica can also organize your processed data. Every data that will be processed on this software will then be shown in a different workbook by using graphs and tabulated outputs.


This statistical program is a helpful tool that will aid in any statistical tasks that you need to perform. It’s easy to understand interface will add up on the convenience that you will experience in using this trial version.

Trial version has some functions which are restricted

  • Easy to manipulate
  • Can run data fast
  • User friendly
  • Compatible with different systems like Windows
  • Not a free download

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