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  • Version: 51.0.2704.79
  • Date Updated: JUN-07-2016
  • Developer: Google Inc.

Google Chrome: Lightweight and highly customizable web browser powered by Google

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Google Chrome is an outstanding browser which enables you to access any website in a quick and handy manner. It enables your download process to be quicker, and its last version is compatible with several systems such as Windows XP or Mac OSX and includes several languages like English, French, German or Greek among others.

Chrome, developed by Google in 2008, can be used by any type of web surfer. It offers a user-friendly interface with a simple, clean and minimalistic design. Since 2012 the development of its different versions were spread through the net.

Despite of still being young, Chrome is becoming more popular between the Internet users. This web navigator is easy to use, fast and efficient, as well as secure as it is frequently updated and shows notifications as soon as a threat is detected.

Google Chrome 51.0.2704.79 Features

Chrome employs the latest technology to make the user surfing experience even more satisfactory. For instance, it enables you to search directly from the address bar and offers some suggestions as you start typing. Once you search any site using keywords in the search bar of the site, the next time you can directly go through the address bar to get the same result.

This web browser also has another outstanding feature: the incognito browsing mode, which can be easily activated from the menu. This way, your activity on the web won’t be tracked as the web navigator won’t record private data such as cookies, webpages or files you’ve downloaded.

Google Chrome Store

Downloading Chrome you can access to a massive library of free utilities such as applications, add-ons and customizations. If you decide to install this browser version, don’t forget to take a look at the Google Chrome Store, where these contents are stored. The good thing is that you can get everything for free: utilities to check email, social networks apps, games or new Google Chrome functions.

Similar alternatives

If you prefer other browsers, you can download Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera. Their use is quite similar and they are all equipped with high technology. However, they can’t offer the same variety of advanced tools and functions and their performance in other systems like Windows xp vary pretty much.

The browser began to be popular in 2012. In terms of use, a market analyses published on March 2013 by the web traffic analysis tool StatCounter reveals that Chrome (38.07%) is the most used browser, following by Internet Explorer (29.3%), Mozilla Firefox (20.87%), Safari (8.5%) and Opera (1.17%). Due to its popularity Google decided to launch its popular browser in 2012 with several language packages such as French, Japanese or Greek among others.


Google Chrome is a recommended tool for those who use Internet and want a simple and yet powerful browser, which also provides a huge library of applications and it’s highly customizable.

  • Several languages available (Spanish, English, Greek among others)
  • Free and fast
  • Compatibility with diverse systems (windows xp, Linux or Mac OSX)
  • Additional applications
  • Excessive customization: changes are done without asking the user

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