Chicken Invaders 2 3.04 Free Download


Protect the world from crazy space chickens with the free trial of Chicken Invaders 2

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Chicken Invaders 2 is a PC arcade game created by InterAction studios that you can download to battle against space chickens who will try to destroy Earth.

This free trial belongs to a new saga of space shooters and it has been launched in multiple devices. All full versions are based on other similar software called Space Invaders which has the same gameplay but with spaceships instead of chickens.

Chicken Invaders 2 has eleven levels with ten waves on it. On each wave your enemies will drop eggs that you will have to avoid along with eliminating the chickens by shooting them. The saga has also released a Christmas edition in which eggs have been replaced for Christmas balls.

Chicken Invaders 2's full gameplay

In this arcade game can play up to two players. The gameplay is pretty simple, it doesn’t have a plot itself, you will only have to do is try to face the enemy with different weapons that you will have to achieve by increasing levels and to avoid all the eggs that they will shoot you.

Each level looks the same but they differ in difficulty. Thanks to its wide range of weapons, you can collect in Chicken Invaders 2 drumsticks and missiles to finish with an entire wave of chickens.

Simple but addictive game

Although there are several arcades with a similar gameplay and the story may be senseless, Chicken Invaders 2 offers attractive and simple graphics.

There are many options to choose from without having a heavy program installed on your computer. For example, Angry Birds Star Wars goes with the flow with this arcade game. As an alternative of a FPS action game, there is Alien Shooter 2.


Chicken Invaders 2 is an easy-to-play PC arcade game with attractive graphics and a simple gameplay. Players must be careful and not to get touched by all the eggs that these hilarious space chickens throw them in order to save the Earth, all seasoned with a lot of sense of humour.

  • Simple gameplay
  • User friendly
  • Good graphics
  • It has not innovated compared to previous version

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