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  • License type: TRIAL
  • Version: 1.2
  • Date Updated: FEB-04-2015
  • Developer: Avira GmbH

Avira AntiVir Mobile: an antivirus software for portable devices

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Avira AntiVir Mobile is an antivirus software that protects mobile devices such as smartphones or portable media players of different brands such as Nokia or Samsung. Although it is an effective solution for protection against viruses and malware, we recommend you to use the free trial version before you download the full application.

It is a software program that will keep your mobile devices working at its best. Avira AntiVir Mobile keeps your files safe without infecting your PC and other mobile devices. This is a feature other antivirus tools can’t do and the best reason to check one out.

Simple, flexible and fast

With its multi awarded winning Antivirus and Malware protection technology, you can be sure of the high-protection degree of this download. With its small RAM load and fast, free resource-saving updates, it can support present conventional mobile phones. It will be a good choice for your devices.

Efficient and transparent against virus

The software program can be transferred through docking your mobile phone into your PC via WLAN, LAN, GPRS or even via Bluetooth and will auto-scan after installation. Avira AntiVir Mobile ensures maximum security with a file deletion option in an event of virus detection.

There’s also an option to scan your ROM files, data cards or even your network folders. All licenses, updates, upgrades and even 14 days installation support are included without any hidden costs.

Alternatives for Avira AntiVir Mobile

There are similar applications in case you are interested in an alternative. AVG Mobile Antivirus Free is a good choice in case you want your device to keep safe against malware. Antivirus Bullguard Mobile also offers interesting features for the user and would be a good option too.


Avira AntiVir Mobile is a truly effective anti-virus software solution, to protect and keep your mobile system safe from viruses and malware. You can be sure your mobile phone will be at its best wherever you go.

  • High level security
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Easy updates and upgrades
  • Fast scanning capabilities
  • Compatible with brands like Nokia or Samsung
  • Development discontinued
  • A small number of innovative functions

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