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  • Version: 1.5
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  • Date Updated: FEB-13-2015
  • Developer: Xten Networks Inc

Phone your friends throughout the Internet with EyeBeam 1.5 Basic for Windows

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eyeBeam 1.5 Basic For Windows is communication software designed to keep you in touch with your friends.

EyeBeam 1.5 Basic for Windows has been developed for VoIP calling and will make it easy for you to manage your phone communication on several kinds of networks, from fixed and mobile ones to integrated services digital networks, that is, ISDN.

This application is a telephony client which has been designed to provide phone communications through the Internet, facilitating the communication throughout the whole world. This new version will improve your relations with the ones you don’t have near you thanks to its possibilities.

eyeBeam 1.5 Basic For Windows Features

To start with, its simple interface will catch you at first sight; it is very easy to manipulate and to work with. Furthermore, users will be able to customize it according to their needs, no matter which ones they are.

It does also include a dial pad, that is, a keyboard similar to the one you have in real phones. This way calling will be easier and you will have the feeling of being in a telephonic device.

One key advantage of this application is that EyeBeam 1.5 Basic for Windows doesn’t bother you with constant pop-ups; it just let you talk with the ones you want to with very few exceptions.


Phone Dial by PC could also be a good alternative if you want to connect your phone to your computer and to make calls throughout the computer, managing several telephones at the same time.

Another good option to keep in touch with your family and friends is Skype, which will allow you to make free calls and video calls from your computer to anyone who has previously installed it.


Make phone calls from your PC in an easy way thanks to EyeBeam 1.5 Basic for Windows and its handy interface. Keep in touch with the ones you love.

Use only permitted for 30 days

  • Handy interface
  • Easy to use
  • Customization options
  • Doesn’t support video

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