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  • License type: TRIAL
  • Version: 1
  • Date Updated: JUL-16-2015
  • Developer: Sigma Team

Thousands of aliens strike again using Alien Shooter 2

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Alien Shooter 2 is a PC action game created as a second part of the popular Alien Shooter. In In this game your main objective remains the same: doing away with aliens who have invaded the Earth. If you download its full trial version, you will be able to enjoy this entertaining game and fight against the alien hordes.

Your character is a marine and his mission is to confront all the invaders who have come from outer space in order to attack the Earth. You will have a wide range of weapons and scenarios to start non-stop shooting until you finish with all of them.

The game is set on a laboratory base full of aliens. You will be provided with explosives in order to open the laboratory doors and exterminate invaders with your variety of weapons that the Government has given to you. With an enhanced version of this classic shooting game, the action in Alien Shooter 2 is guaranteed.

Trial version gameplay

Alien Shooter 2 allows you to choose among eight characters. Each one offers different characteristics, full equipment and benefits which will affect your way of playing during the story. As you achieve missions you will earn experience points that will help you increasing levels and improve your stats.

On each achieved goal you will also earn money to buy and download weapons, equipment, ammos, etc., on several shops. There are weapons restricted depending on your skill level, so you won't be able to buy them all at the beginning. Afterwards you will be able to download them.

Alien Shooter 2 offers you two game modes. Campaign mode, in which you may succeed all required levels; and Survival mode where thousands of aliens will attack you at the same time and you may have to defend yourself from them.

Other addictive actions games with aliens

As you will be confronted against hoards of space invaders you won’t stop shooting your enemy creating an addictive atmosphere. Thanks to its gameplay you will not be able to leave the computer until you finish all the levels.

Action games have been a classic for many years. You can also try Halo, with high detailed graphics and amazing effects; or Half-Life 2, a FPS game with extremely realistic characters.


Alien Shooter 2 is a PC action game with addictive levels and gameplay in which you will take the role of a marine in order to confront hoards of aliens who want to destroy the Earth.

  • Free full trial version
  • Lots of action
  • Easy gameplay
  • Good graphics
  • Repetitive levels

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