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Instant messaging for everyone with Yahoo! Messenger

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Yahoo! Messenger is a free instant messaging client for the protocol owned by Yahoo for its network. For that reason, this is a necessary download to access to all its services. In addition, this platform supports different Windows versions such as 7, Vista or XP.

Yahoo communication protocol allows the users around the world to get in touch in a faster way than email services. Yahoo! Messenger offers different services for your enjoyment such as its search engine, its social utilities even funny games when you get bored.

The new interface it possesses is pretty interactive as well as easy to use for all kind of users and the different chat windows are grouped in just one divided by tabs. It allows checking your mail directly with just a click. You can also catch up with the news service.

Yahoo! Messenger: more than a chat service

Instant messaging is not the only service it offers, Yahoo! Messenger is also a VoIPc client. Call your contacts through the internet as well as seeing them with a webcam. This way even the farthest distant will be reduce with just a couple of clicks.

Other services like social gaming are included in the client for increasing the fun with your colleagues and family. But beware, they may be terribly addictive and you won’t stop playing.

Social networking

In this version Facebook is integrated with Yahoo! Messenger, making it an extension of your daily life. You can update your status without login on in the page, just as an external client. This way you can also chat with your Facebook friends through this application.

With the feature Always On you will receive the messages in your mobile device in case you are not connected through your personal computer. Thus you will be always in touch with your people anywhere and anytime.

Other alternatives for instant messaging

The world of the instant messaging is full of different free programs and protocols. Pidgin is a multiplatform client that is able to connect with different types of accounts like MSN, Yahoo or AOL.

On the other hand, Skype is another download which is very powerful if you are looking for a reliable tool to communicate with your family and friends. It has included Facebook functionalities and its VoIP service is excellent.


Yahoo! Messenger is a great instant messaging client full of different options with which you will be able to get in touch with people you know. Interact with them playing or speaking directly through its services.

  • Diverse features
  • Social networking
  • Addictive games
  • Compatible with different Windows versions like 7 or XP
  • Only compatible with Facebook and Yahoo chats

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