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Access Hotmail right from your Android phone

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Hotmail is the official smartphone app developed by Microsoft for Android mobile phones.

The functionalities that this application offers are pretty simple and yet practical. Hotmail allows you to access to your email from your mobile phone. This application lets you manage, compose, send and receive messages at any time.

Besides that, it includes some of the options you can find on the web version. For example: you can attach and visualize any file such as text documents or photos, check the different folders you have in your account or include your signature. Moreover, with Hotmail you can synchronize information such as the calendar, contacts or messages.

Simplicity as the main strength

In addition, this is a utility you can rely on as your inbox will be constantly updated and you will receive all your messages in real time, without delays. Every time you have a new email, this app will display a notification in your screen.

One of the strongest points of Hotmail is its simplicity and ease of use. As any similar product developed by Microsoft, its interface is very intuitive and allows the user to navigate through the messages and folders without any trouble. In addition, it is very straightforward and doesn’t include any fancy or unnecessary element.

Similar alternatives to Hotmail

As we already mentioned, Hotmail is a tool specially designed for Android mobile phones. However, there are many other alternatives you can use on your PC. For example, the email client platform Outlook, which is one of the utilities of Microsoft Office 2010 Professional.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an instant messaging client you can use Yahoo! Messenger, which allows you to chat with your family and friends in real time.


Hotmail is a must-have app which allows you to take advantage of the typical options and settings that the classic email client offers right from your mobile phone.

  • Simple
  • Intuitive interface
  • Free
  • Synchronization tool
  • Reliable
  • Limited advanced features

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