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  • Version: 1.0
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  • Date Updated: JAN-26-2016
  • Developer: Rockstar Games

Empire Earth III: A new thrilling game in the world of virtual fighting

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Empire Earth III is a strategy game that implies developing your own civilization and conquering all your enemies in order to rule the world.

Empire Earth III or also known as EE3 was developed by Mad Doc Software. Empire Earth III concentrates on territorial conflicts that will ignite your battle. Nuclear wars will be the means of every fight in this game.

The number of possibilities in this game is pretty high, allowing the player to customize the kind of developments to create new weapons or just to increase other sections of your empire.

New gameplay

Empire Earth III introduces 5 new ages. This edition also lunches 3 new civilizations which are Middle Eastern, Western and Far Eastern civilization. Each one is composed by their own buildings, units, and different technologies. It also introduces new units, powerful weapons and fresh campaign.

Each civilization contains different game styles. The Middle East has mobile buildings. The West civilization offers powerful units. And the Far East civilization holds masses of weak units combined with powerful mountains across the game.

Empire Earth III 1.0 Features

Another feature of Empire Earth III is its five unique ages such as Ancient, Medieval, Colonial, Modern, and Future. Empire Earth III allows the player to battle in a virtual world that has several provinces. This game also improves the previous version when it comes with better graphical details and effects, having more detailed models, and higher resolution textures.


There are several games that are similar to this one in genre. Age of Empires III is a really good real time strategy game with multiple hours of gameplay. If you want to try out something more classic check Command and Conquer: Generals, a new edition of this popular game.


Empire Earth III can give the fun and excitement that gamers are looking for. It is a simple game to understand which can make it easily embraced by every gamer who admires virtual world fighting.

  • Easy to play
  • New gameplay
  • Good graphics and visual effects
  • Few innovations

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