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Hot Potatoes, an application that allows you to create personalized games

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Hot Potatoes is an educational tool that allows you to create your own quiz game using with the different applications it provides.

With this pack of tools, since it contains 6 different tools in one, you can create lots of different quizzes for fun. It has a tremendous educational value because of its pedagogical uses for learning languages or just for entertainment.

This is a great tool compatible with HTML and JavaScript for uploading your work into your webpage. The different quizzes are compatible with Moodle making learning more dynamic for students and easy to use for teachers.

Having a helpful tool

Having a tool that will help you to produce your own quiz games is really fantastic for familiar uses or even for teachers who want to entertain students with games. Thousands of applications will allow playing various games but only a few of them can allow you to create your own. Among those applications, Hot Potatoes allows you to formulate your own game.

Hot Potatoes Features

Hot Potatoes contains 6 different programs to choose from. First that you can generate from is the multiple choice. You can also formulate questions and as for short answers. Another is the jumbled sentence program. It also offers the old time favourite crossword puzzle. Then there is matching or ordering of various object. And lastly the gap-fill exercise.


There are applications that can create similar games in an easy way. CrossWord Forge is used to create just crosswords but is pretty useful for this objective. PodQuiz-hyperMix Maker can produce several quizzes depending on the input you introduce in order to create diverse jigsaws.


Hot Potatoes is a useful software. Users can maximize its function most especially in learning purposes. This is a practical and well-designed software that you should have if you are interested in this kind of subjects.

  • Useful software
  • Provides several tools
  • Limited interface

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