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  • Date Updated: JAN-05-2016
  • Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.

Share your data with other computers in a safe way with Hamachi

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Hamachi is a connection management utility that will let you establish P2P connections in an easy way.

When users want to connect several computers, they usually have to face some troubles and difficult situations, and the normal procedure is to create Local Area Networks. Hamachi will help users to solve these difficulties by giving them the opportunity of emulating LAN connections.

Hamachi ensures you a secure method of transfer in peer to peer connections, protected by encrypted algorithms. Users will be able to solve their dial-up problems without having to renounce to their security.

Hamachi Features

Your friends or the people you want will be able to browse throughout your computer searching documents and saved sessions of games, which is a really good feature to make some kind of collaborative work.

With Hamachi users can create their own VPN, that is, Virtual Private Network, to share their files and connections with the ones they want to include in this network. Furthermore users will be able to establish and customize the level of security and protection they want to give to their networks.

The installation of this program will not modify the settings of your computer, and furthermore it is available in a wide variety of languages. Besides, Hamachi will not slow down the speed of performance of your computer, as it uses a limited range or its resources.

Alternative software

However, as the file sharing process is not that easy with this program, we also recommend you to try Diino, an application with which you will be able to transfer your files from your device to those of your friends. Another available option to connect several computers at the same time is Remobo, which is pretty light on the resources of your computer.


With Hamachi you will be able to connect your computer with those of your friends in an easy way, and this peer-to-peer connection will provide you a very safe navigation.

Features and functions not available

  • Several languages
  • Light on resources
  • Safe connection
  • Not easy file sharing

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