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  • Date Updated: FEB-15-2016
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Turn your computer into a cinema with Media Player Classic

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Media Player Classic is a multimedia player with which you will be able to reproduce the main video and audio formats available.

This application is one of the basic software in Windows systems. The performance is pretty good due to it is a lightweight player and has a great compatibility with several formats. Its simplicity is the main feature so you won't have any problem to use this program.

Be delighted with its functions and enjoy the classic view of your files. The show must go on and Media Player Classic fulfils your multimedia necessities.

Simple is better

Nowadays most of the multimedia players available have really advanced tools for each action. That is not the case of this software since it keeps being a simple application oriented to every user. For those who want to configure everything about their players may be disappointed with this one since it offers few options. However, for those who just want to play multimedia files will be enough.

On the other hand, despite having just a few options it is a very versatile software. Media Player Classic supports high definition formats such as H.264 installing the compatible codecs for that function.

Media Player Classic Features

Among the basic features of this player you will find some interesting functions. It supports formats like ogg or mkv for audio and video respectively. It also has a TV tuner function for watching television from your computer. In order to do that you will need a TV tuner installed in your system.

The television feature allows you to playback different channels available and also to record what you are watching. This way you will be able to enjoy your system as a home cinema with all its functions.


In case you find this player limited you have alternatives such as VLC Media Player, which offers fantastic tools. You also has available RealPlayer, which offers interesting connectivity with social networks and unique compatibility with certain formats.


Media Player Classic is a basic software recommended for simple tasks. With this software you will be able to reproduce several multimedia formats among other features. Try it out and you will see by yourself why classic software is still alive.

  • Simple
  • Format compatibility
  • TV functions
  • Few advanced options

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