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  • Date Updated: OCT-01-2015
  • Developer: Avanquest Software.

Driver Genius Eye 312:Enjoy your Genius webcam by installing this driver

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Driver Genius Eye 312is a utility for your Genius Eye webcam. Thanks to its driver you will be able to connect your cam to your computer with a simple installation.

If you don’t have your CD installation now it is possible to install your Genius utility to start using your webcam. Driver Genius Eye 312 is completely free and easy to install.

High quality in videos and chat using Driver Genius Eye 312

With Genius Eye 312 you will share your videos easily on YouTube thanks to its WebMate application. It has a microphone integrated and 360 degrees record capacity to offer you an accurate recording.

Your video calls will not have poor quality anymore. With Eye 312 you can use your favourite instant messaging client as Skype with your friends and family and making video chats in a way you haven’t seen before thanks to its image resolution.

Its Avatar Creator also allows you to make your own personal avatar adding animated effects. You can synchronize your image with audio messages to have an original emoticon on the Internet.

Other options of Genius webcams

As Driver Genius Eye 312 only works with Genius Eye 312 webcam, if you have other model of cam we offer you these alternatives: Driver Genius Eye 110 is other utility for this particular model of cam as well as Driver Genius Eye 320.


Driver Genius Eye 312 is a utility that helps you have your webcam installed on your computer with some easy steps. Download it and run your cam to start chatting with your friends and enjoying your videos.

  • Free
  • Simple installation
  • Low size
  • Only available for this kind of webcams

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