Driver Genius Eye 110 1.4 Free Download


Connect your webcam with your computer for free with Driver Genius Eye 110

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Driver Genius Eye 110 is a Genius utility for your webcam that you can download in order to communicate your hardware with your computer.

This software does not require a difficult installation, for those users who lost their CD; Driver Genius Eye 110 will make their cam recorder work again for free and without looking for complicated solutions on the Web.

This utility designed for this particular model of Genius’ camera will also fix bugs and stability issues as well, which let users to get the most of their hardware. Driver Genius Eye 110 also has compatibility with all Operating Systems at the moment.

Driver Genius Eye 110 1.4 Features

Genius Eye 110 is a camera mostly used for recording video while using instant messaging clients as Windows Live Messenger. Its simplicity of recording and its easy features make this webcam a useful tool that all users can enjoy.

Among its features there are full screen mode to get a better view of what you are recording, and also the tracking face option, in which the webcam will detect automatically user’s face. Thanks to this hardware you can take pictures with different effects and choose among 40 frames to decorate your images.

Users can take up to 10 photographs with its multi-snapshot and edit them by rotating up to 90 degrees.

Other drivers for other hardware

Genius has support for any hardware of his brand in order to provide users a good performance of his webcam models. As an example of other devices made by this creator there is Driver Genius Eye 312, other webcam with high resolution and lots of editing options to choose from.

Similarly, other Genius model with a bit of advanced features is Driver Genius Eye 320 which captures image and video sharply and clear. With this webcam you can also create avatars and change facial expressions, something useful for your chat clients.


Driver Genius Eye 110 is a Genius utility used to connect your device with your PC with a free and simple installation.

  • Free
  • Small size
  • Simple installation
  • Only works for Genius Eye 110

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