Driver BenQ 5000 Mirascan 6.3.5000.1 Free Download


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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: Mirascan 6.3.5000.1
  • Date Updated: NOV-04-2013
  • Developer: BenQ

A Driver BenQ 5000 utility for your scanner

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Driver BenQ 5000 is a necessary free BenQ software to make your scanner work properly. As other drivers you can download from the Net, it must be installed in your computer in order to communicate the hardware with your PC.

If you lost your installation CD but you want to keep using your device, this is a software thanks to which you will avoid any trouble. Driver Benq 5000 is a Benq utility that allows you to enjoy your scanner in a simple way. Just following a few steps you will be able to scan your documents and share them with anyone.

Scan your documents at a low price using Driver BenQ 5000

Benq 5000 is an economic scanner commonly used for doing simple scans at home. With this hardware you can have your photos or documents or your computer with a desirable quality.

Thanks to its USB interface, connecting your device won’t cause you any trouble. With this hardware you will also directly print your documents without needing any edition tool. Its speed and powerful engine provides an excellent performance.

Besides its features and economic price, Benq 5000 works perfectly with Driver Benq 5000, which apart from being an effective utility, is free.

Similar hardware

Benq is a brand specialized on monitors, projectors, TVs, digital cameras or e-book readers. Nevertheless, it also offers a variety of scanners with same characteristics which are suitable for any kind of user.

If you have other hardware of the same family, and you are having the same problems with drivers, you can try downloading Driver BenQ 3300U or Driver BenQ 5150C. The results and performance will be the same.


If you want to work with your BenQ scanner, driver BenQ 5000 will sync your hardware with the computer, since it offers a free and simple installation.

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