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  • Version: 5.1.40420.0
  • Date Updated: SEP-21-2015
  • Developer: Microsoft.

Enhance online content and visuals with a useful plugin with Microsoft Silverlight

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Microsoft Silverlight is a plugin available for multiple platforms and browsers which allows users to display online content on their computers.

This lightweight and cross-platform application is free and can be applied to both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Microsoft Silverlight also works with most major browsers, such as Firefox and Safari, generating .NET experiences. Besides, it gives support for apps and mobile devices.

Although it was initially developed as a direct competitor to Adobe Flash, it has proven to provide improvements when it comes to content indexing, a quite important field for programmers.

Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.40420.0 Features

Microsoft Silverlight creates visual effects on the Web. Users will be able to deliver high quality and resolution videos and integrate multimedia, animations and graphics into the same working environment.

One of its notable characteristics is the ‘Deep Zoom’, which minimizes loading times in high-resolution images by using a fast zoom. Also it has the option ‘Perspective 3D Graphics’ which makes possible to scale or rotate content as you desire while you are viewing. ‘Pixel Shader’ and ‘Skinning and Styling’ provide useful effect for graphics and animation content.

This utility seems to be innovative for developers, creators and viewers, because of content built with this utility makes them interact and get engaged with it.


Its installation process is simple and it is made through a 5MB complement. However, even though it is not necessary, it is recommendable to restart your browser. That’s why some users have experienced that their browsers face problems for a while when running the application for the first time.

Similar software

Adobe Shockwave Player positions itself as a relevant alternative to reproduce multimedia content stored in webpages that users visit. As Microsoft Silverlight, it has a high compatibility with navigators. Another option is Adobe Flash Player, aimed to ease flash performance when surfing the Internet.


If you download Microsoft Silverlight your Internet experience will be fulfilled, as it boosts multimedia and content viewing with no delays and providing high quality results.

  • Lightweight
  • Simple and fluid interface
  • High resolution and HD video streaming
  • No Flash support
  • Streaming can get slow sometimes

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