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Emulate Game Boy games with Visualboy Advance

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Visualboy Advance is an emulator of Game Boy and Game Boy Advance systems for your computer. Thanks to the download of VBA you will feel free to remember the classic titles from your childhood.

For that reason, if you feel a bit nostalgic about old gaming this is a good opportunity for you because VisualBoy Advance offers a high emulation performance. Multiplatform playing has been one of the great features in the PC gaming scene since users want to have all the possible games in a reachable way.

Game Boy and Game Boy Advance emulation

The only things you need to enjoy playing these titles is VisualBoy Advance and the desires ROMs that you can find on the Internet. One of the advantages of this free software is that VisualBoy Advance allows you to save the game anytime you want it. This way you don't have to wait to find a save point or even wait for a password in those games which saving data was not enable.

It supports full colour for those games belonging to Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance as well as speeding up the gameplay if you want a new gaming experience. Enable the Fullscreen mode in order to get all the game details.

External Hardware support for VBA

If you own a joystick or an external controller you can use it. Configure the buttons settings and be ready to play. This way you'll get some facilities when it comes to having a challenge.

Apply some different filters like Super Eagle, 2xSaI, AdvanceMAME and Super 2xSaI in order to improve the graphics. There is also available a Motion blur engine.


If you love to play old classic games, there is another download called Neo MAME32 Plus! which will allows you to play arcade game like Neo Geo titles. There are more emulators available like PSX Emulator in case you want to remember the Playstation gold age.


VisualBoy Advance is a good emulator for those Game Boy lovers around the world. It offers all kind of facilities to the user in order to get a good gaming experience.

  • Classic games
  • Addition of filters
  • The application may crash

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