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Driver SoundBlaster Live!, a utility for one of the best sound cards available

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Driver SoundBlaster Live! is a utility for SoundBlaster Live! sound card created by Creative Technology.

Driver SoundBlaster Live! is a free and simple utility that allows users enhance the sound of their computer. Installation is really simple and in just a few minutes you will enjoy your sound on your PC. If you have formatted your computer recently but your sound has disappeared, this is your opportunity to recover your high quality audio.

An advanced domestic sound card using Driver SoundBlaster Live!

SoundBlaster Live! is part of the Creative Technology family. It offers a wide range of features to improve your sound on your computer and to provide the best quality results.

This card has been created to be used on professional studios since it works on high quality, so you will reproduce your audio just like professionals do. Its integrated system of music, audio and effects is the most powerful nowadays. Thanks to SoundBlaster Live!, You will add effects to your tracks, such as reverb or echoes.

This sound card also offers sound realism with the possibility of choosing among thirty predefined environments provided by its Environmental Audio, which you can add to your games or apps. When it comes to music, it allows you to reproduce MIDI files with high quality.

Other SoundBlaster sound cards

If you own other models of SoundBlaster cards you can try with the following drivers: Driver SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio or Driver Creative Labs SoundBlaster PCI 128. The first mentioned card provides surround sound even with your headsets, and the second is perfect to improve your game experience.


Driver SoundBlaster Live! is your Creative utility to start working with your SoundBlaster sound card. Follow a few steps and enjoy its performance on your computer for free.

  • Free
  • Simple installation
  • OS compatibility
  • It only works with this model

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