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Sync your DJ control with your computer easily with Driver Hercules DJ Control MP3

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Driver Hercules DJ Control MP3 is a utility for MP3 DJ control device Hercules offers. With this software that you can download for free users won’t have to wait too long to enjoy mixing music.

Driver Hercules DJ Control MP3 is a free and useful utility. Through a simple and short installation process, users could start using this hardware in just few minutes. With Driver Hercules MP3 DJ Control users can sync their mixer and computer.

Driver Hercules DJ Control MP3 2013 Features

DJ Control MP3 is a portable controller which offers the basics every digital DJ expects from this kind of devices. It contains several controls, faders, a power meter and two ‘scratch’ decks to enhance music creation performance.

Besides, this controller has two jog wheels (not sensitive to touch) useful for navigating within audio tracks providing a 'vinyl style' experience and speeding up or slowing down reproduction. Also, you can gradually fade from one piece to another with its Crossfader or synchronize them with Auto-Beat and Master Tempo buttons.

Similar software

there are other drivers depending on the device or controller you have. DJ Control MP3 does not include an own sound card onboard. This means that you will have to use your computer’s one, or an external USB solution. In order to complete your DJing activity, an available option is Driver Hercules Muse XL, one of the drivers for a Hercules compact and light sound card.

If music continues running through your veins, then you should get Driver Hercules Karaoke Console. With it, songs’ enthusiasts will start enjoying their console.


If you want to mix music with MP3 DJ Control, then install Driver Hercules DJ Control MP3. You will sync your computer and device easily, in few minutes and with no effort .

  • Free
  • Simple installation process
  • Easy to use
  • Useful for just one device

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