Driver Canon LBP-2900 R1.12 Ver.3.02 Free Download


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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: R1.12 Ver.3.02
  • Date Updated: AUG-27-2013
  • Developer: Canon Driver Download

Driver Canon LBP-2900 is the key to start your Canon LBP-2900

Driver Canon LBP-2900 R1.12 Ver.3.02 Free Download screenshot

The Driver Canon LBP-2900 is part of the free Canon drivers you can download in order to control the Canon laser printer LBP-2900.

It is a set of programs that was developed for enabling a Canon laser printer LBP2900 to operate properly. It simplifies your job by directly communicating with the printer and tells it what processes you want it to carry out.

Driver Canon LBP-2900 acts as a translator between the hardware/printer, and the software from which it will acquire its job to print. It is the key to ignite your Canon laser printer to run and work.

Driver Canon LBP-2900 R1.12 Ver.3.02 Features

This driver was developed for the Canon LBP2900 laser printer. This laser printer is highly effective and practical as well as small, light, and reliable. It fits easily into any office space. It can be moved around without effort. It can do all printing jobs you need.

The Canon LBP2900 laser printer includes features that incorporate its processing power, quick output, and clear quality documents and presentations into a single machine. It highlights its functions with its Canon Advanced Printing Technology (CAPT) and Hi-SciA (High Smart Compressions Architecture).

The Processing Power of Driver Canon LBP-2900

Driver Canon LBP-2900 has a great processing power. It has new print technologies to produce faster printouts. It eliminates the need for expensive memory upgrades just to make the printing faster. It enables you to save money while providing an efficient way to produce documents.

Similar Canon Printers

Another one of the several Canon laser printer drivers that are available is Driver Canon LBP-1120, which has the Hi-SciA and CAPT technologies. You can also use the stylish Driver Canon LBP-3000. It works fast and is very reliable.


A robust laser printer with all its feature benefits, the Driver Canon LBP-2900 is suitable for small office environment. Despite its size, it provides assurance that it can produce high quality print outs at 12 pages per minute, fast and jam-free.

  • Includes technology features
  • Quick printout
  • Fits any space
  • Not suitable for big business operations

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