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  • Date Updated: JAN-29-2016
  • Developer: WOM Games.

With Snood, test your talent with a funny puzzle game!

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Snood is a puzzle game created in 1996 to test players’ ingenuity and mental alertness. Even though originally it was destined to children, adults may find it entertaining as well.

Snood is an arcade-styled game with basic rules and several challenging levels to play. It has simple controls: you only need the mouse to start playing. You will be able to move it from left to right in order to correctly place your ‘Snood’ before launching it.

Besides, Snood players can play at their own pace, with no more time and speed limits than the ones they set. Also, it is possible to pause the gameplay whenever you want.

Regarding difficulty settings, you can choose the level that fits best with your skills; from ‘Child to Evil’ (‘Child’ is ideal to 2-3 aged children), Puzzle or Journey level. Each level keeps the results and scores obtained. Even characters are customizable, taking on several forms such as fruit or geometric ones.

Game dynamics of Snood

The aim is to release some ‘Snoods’ that have been captured. To do that, you will have to throw some free ‘Snoods’ to the trapped ones, managing to connect and combine them into groups of at least three color-identical ones. Once you get that, they disappear. If there are any other ‘Snood’ attached below them, it is liberated too.

But you should be conscious that at the time you group them, the gauge is filling… when it is completed, ’Snoods’ shift downwards. Game is over when captured ’Snoods’ reach your position. So, the goal is to clear the board before that happens.

Skills development

Its non-violent and non-confrontational characteristic makes this game especially suitable for children. It will help them develop several fundamental skills, such as matching, angles calculation or problem solving. Moreover, it does not require knowing to read.

Similar software

If you like this kind of addictive games with simple graphics, you have other alternatives such as Bubble Shooter Deluxe or Super Collapse. In the first one you will have to shoot color bubbles; in the second, the aim is to delete blocks.


By downloading Snood will make your free time more entertaining with a classic arcade ingenuity game, aimed for both children and adults.

Some functions are restricted.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable levels and settings
  • Children can develop skills
  • Simple graphics

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