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  • Date Updated: NOV-05-2013
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Watch all your Google videos with Google Video Player

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Google Video Player is a video reproduction tool that will allow you to watch all the videos you have downloaded from the official Google Video site.

If you had liked videos from the Google website and when you have gotten them you have found that you did not have the required software to support these formats, then Google Video Player might be the solution to your problem as it is able to reproduce .gvp and .gvi files.

With this tool you will be able to benefit from high quality videos as Google Video Player allows you to see different clips in full screen as well as video scenes through the net. Besides, it will permit you to vary the quality of the videos

Google Video Player’s functions

Among its various features, Google Video Player is characterized for presenting an intuitive interface which is very easy to use. This way, the program will be suitable for any sort of users and you will be able to benefit from it even if you are not an experienced person on using these sorts of software.

Moreover, one of its main characteristics is the possibility to go from one scene to the next on a dime, even if the video is not fully downloaded. Although it does not have lots of utilities, it works perfectly at achieving its objectives for a free software.

However, you might find this software to be a little bit limited on its format support as it only allows you to reproduce the mentioned above .gvp and .gvi files.

Other available alternatives

As far as video reproduction concerns us, there are a bunch of similar programs around the net that you can get for free. For instance, you can find FlvPlayer4Free, which will allow you to reproduce all of your videos which are in FLV format.

Another similar tool is QuickTime, a reproducer which lets you watch videos in a large range of formats such as AVI, DV or MOV. Its characteristic interface and easiness are its main features.


Google Video Player is a recommendable tool to get if you want to watch videos from the Google Video website, although it lacks of some features and is pretty limited at file support.

  • Free
  • Intuitive interface
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Limited format support

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