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  • Version: 6.2
  • Date Updated: SEP-03-2013
  • Developer: CooolSoft

Cut your music and edit your audio files with Power MP3 Cutter

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Power MP3 Cutter is an PC audio editor with which you will be able to modify your music files easily without any effort. This software version provides the latest technology which helps you to make free changes to your own audio tracks or those you download.

This is basic PC software that is pretty useful for simple audio edition like cutting, copying or pasting different fragments you choose. There are also some volume tools, but in general its functions are pretty easy for any kind of user. The direct interface it provides makes its options easy to reach and understandable, placing the features at a glance.

Power MP3 Cutter latest version formats

Power MP3 Cutter is compatible with WAV and MP3. You will be able to change the bitrate of each file easily thanks to its codecs conversion rate. This way WAV compression will be easily enough to be done every moment and by anyone since it does not need any previous knowledge about sound edition.

Select each fragment of the audio file in order to edit it. The edition will not destroy the sound quality of the original track, so it is a good tool to make free and simple conversion from WAV to MP3 and from MP3 to WAV.

PC Functions

Alongside the usual options of simple audio editors of cutting determinate segments from the file, you also can play with the volume fading in and out. This version also can save the sections you want of the track separately just selecting or deselecting them.

Power MP3 Cutter supports wide bitrate in order to make it compatible with all the files you use to edit them for further use.


There are some more advanced applications to download since this is pretty simple and is limited in its purpose. Audacity is a free and great tool for playing, editing and recording audio the way you need. Another tool, more advanced than the previous mentioned, could be Acoustica Mixcraft Recording Studio which is an advanced software for audio edition in its latest version.


Power MP3 Cutter is a PC basic tool in case you want to edit easily your audio files for your own purposes. Precision and quality are both features for this application so give it a try.

-Some of the functions are restricted.

  • Simple edition
  • Good quality
  • Format conversion and bitrate
  • Easy to install and download
  • Very few options

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