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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 5.11
  • Date Updated: SEP-19-2016
  • Developer: Bloodshed

Dev-C++ , a useful C programming software for Windows

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Dev-C++ is a free programming software specialized in compiling C/C++ code based applications. This download offers support for different Windows versions such as 7 or Vista.

This Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is excellent for its actual use, C/C++ programming. The interface always helps the user since it is composed by several customizable windows that show the information you desire.

The different tools included makes easier the work and it is designed for medium to advanced users. The release of this software was necessary in order to create a more accessible tool for programming with instant utilities.

Dev-C++ 5.11 Features

Dev-C++ utilizes MinGW which is a port of GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) for GNU Binary Utilities. You can add additional content to the software like different libraries in order to expand its possibilities. It is compatible with Cygwin compiler to increase the performance.

In order to compile better, it integrates debugging for depurate bad lines in your codes with GDB project. It can assist the coder with the Code Completion feature which can autocomplete certain lines when is necessary.

C programming language is used for plenty of reasons like its compatibility with a great range of operating systems and the influence it has over the time on modern computer languages. In order to do your work simpler you can import different templates for your projects.

Make it simple

In Dev-C++ you can create C complements like DLLs or static libraries to make system utilities like games or diverse applications. It has a function list to not get lost and it allows edition on resource files.

If you want to replace certain lines or facilities Dev-C++ provides a useful tool to find the elements you desire. A project manager is also included in the program to help the user with the programming issues.

Alternatives for Dev-C++

Microsoft Visual Studio is a tool more complex and advanced than Dev-C++ and maybe more useful for advanced users who wants to program with great stability. Another alternative would be Code:Blocks which is open source and constantly revised.


Dev-C++ is a useful tool for those who want to program C language fast and easily thanks to the different utilities developed for the user. This is a good application to start in computer developing.

  • Variety of tools
  • Debugging process
  • Compatible with others IDE
  • Supports different Windows versions like 7 or Vista
  • Free
  • A bit outdated

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