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  • Version: 1.4
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  • Date Updated: AUG-31-2015
  • Developer: Firefly Studios.

Feel the Medieval Ages with the Stronghold PC game

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Stronghold is a real-time PC strategy game which is available to download in order to spend your free time while conquering new territories. As any other similar game, the new version of Stronghold is full of action.

The action is set in England during the eleventh century. While playing, you impersonate a Lord of a kingdom and must rule it right in order to overcome your adversaries.

The game is mainly focused on conquest and expansion through military tactics, economic progress and campaign development. It provides a lot of mind stimulating challenges, as well as thrilling battles one would expect in a strategy game.

You have to build structures and guide your people to victory. By doing so, you also have to defend your castle against enemy attacks by adding defensive walls, watchtowers and trained military units to protect your city.

Stronghold: fun and challenging PC game

The main character is portrayed by a Lord and its main purpose is to build lands and building structures. You have to create strong military units and maintain a constant economy while engaging in battle with other kingdoms as well as defending your own.

By winning battles with other realms, it will aid you in purchasing supplies and further expand your territory. Other Lords however will do everything to conquer your kingdom. The people you choose to fight and how you perform your tactics will determine the outcome of the game.

The main goal in Stronghold is to conquer all opposing kingdoms and fulfill all mission objectives.

Flexible and Customizable new version

The download of Stronghold also includes a map editor and a scenario creator for editing and creating diverse locations to play. It is built exclusively for PC strategy game fanatics who want a different approach from the standard gameplay of this genre.

Similar crusader alternatives to Stronghold

With the initial success of the first Stronghold game, Stronghold Crusader and Stronghold Crusader Extreme were released. These sequels were an addition to the series with graphic improvements and different new scenarios.


Stronghold is a fun PC strategy game built for players who are looking for well elaborate scenes, animations and impressive gameplay. You can easily adapt to the action with its challenging missions and full of action storylines.

  • High quality graphics
  • Fine dose of tactics
  • A wide array of options for various gameplay
  • Developed Artificial Intelligence
  • Out of date graphics
  • Scheme underdeveloped

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