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Enjoy playing with your favorite series characters with Dragon Ball Z MUGEN Edition!

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Dragon Ball Z MUGEN Edition is a fight game in which universe is struggling with the battle the good and the bad forces have started. It is ideal for those generations that grew up with Goku and his friends.

Dragon Ball Z MUGEN Edition has 2D graphics and consists of the popular animation Dragon Ball series. The fact that 2D are considered old-fashioned nowadays does not mean bad image and sound quality, as this game has proven.

Its colorful interface is made to concentrate attention on combats, setting aside secondary options and tools.


The story is set in a tragic event that takes place in the Earth, which gets divided as a direct consequence of darkness. Goku and his friends will have to work hard and attract light to this planet for guaranteeing its survival.

Customized playing

With Dragon Ball Z MUGEN Edition you can choose 4 different playing modes: “arcade” (simple fight on their own and against the computer), “team” (two on two), “against a real opponent” and “training” (to get to know all movements and attacks). Besides, there are 61 different locations and several difficulty levels.

Similarly, you will be able to select any of the 27 characters available. Four of them are secret and have a hidden identity; you will have to complete several tasks in order to unlock them. This will help you in not getting into routine of the same type of fight. This gives you the opportunity of choosing which the side you prefer to support.

Similar software for Dragon Ball Z MUGEN Edition

Lemmingball Z combines Dragon Ball Z and popular Lemmings games. This alternative is ideal if you want to widen your Dragon Ball experience within different games.

If apart from anime you also like manga, you should download Guilty Gear X. On it, producers took care of maintaining the original characters of the series in order to have the same format. However, this game is not free.


Downloading Dragon Ball Z MUGEN Edition will allow you to play with the anime characters of the popular Dragon Ball series, customizing it according to your preferences and enjoying 2D graphics.

  • Free
  • Great sound and image quality
  • Customizable playing
  • 2D graphics

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