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  • Date Updated: APR-02-2014
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The Turbocharged Version of EA’s: Need for Speed Carbon

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Need for Speed Carbon is a racing game based on running through the streets and customizing your cars. NFS Carbon is a fun download for those players who like speed and experience the feeling of being free while driving their vehicles through different scenarios.

This video game is the tenth installment of EA’s Need for Speed car racing video game series and is the sequel to Need for Speed: Most Wanted . This action game is set in the fictitious location of Palmont City, where Carbon Canyon is located, and where the name of the game comes from.

Stunning and realistic game play of NFS Carbon

Need for Speed Carbon derives its gameplay on the underground world of urban races, where racing operates through the organized structure of street racing crews. You will also feel free to hire drivers for your crew.

The unique aspect of Need for Speed Carbon is that you’ll have another teammate acting as a friendly racer, and known as the wingman. Cars driven by the crew’s primary racer is different from the type of cars driven by wingmen.

A wide array of game selections for Need for Speed Carbon

Need for Speed Carbon also allows you to select the skill of the racers you hire. You have 2 skill sets that you can modify – racing skills and non-racing skills. Racing skills include scout, blocker and drafter while non-racing skills include fixer, mechanic and fabricator. Need for Speed Carbon incorporates the feature “autosculpt”.

Essentially, autosculpt gives you access to auxiliary car parts and allow you to modify these parts on your racing machine according to your preferences. As you win races, you’ll also be able to tune your car on whether you’re aiming for faster acceleration or top speed and many other options.


NFS Carbon is truly one of the best versions of Electronic Art’s Need for Speed series. You’ll be able to configure a wide array of selections and options for your racing vehicle, as well as your racing crew. This exciting and engaging pc action game makes the download worthy .

  • Good deep racing experience
  • Realistic racing setup
  • Exciting and engaging game play
  • Solid racing video game
  • Frustrating boss races
  • Underutilized cop chases

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