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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 1.0.5
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  • Date Updated: JUN-25-2014
  • Developer: AdriPSX.

Enjoy playing as if you had a PlayStation in your computer with AdriPSX ILE

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AdriPSX ILE is a free Emulator with which you can play in your computer as if you were doing it in a PlayStation. You could play its typical games and bios, and it emulates a memory card. It runs better with Windows 7.

Sometimes we want to use a console just to test it or because we really like it. If that’s your situation with PlayStation, now you can play all your favourite games in your PC. AdriPSX ILE is a complete app with everything this console has, such as a memory card, plugin management and, of course, its games.

AdriPSX ILE stands out for its installation process due to some emulators are quite difficult to install. This software works quite quickly and easy. It just does everything automatically, setting what you need in your computer to use it.

AdriPSX ILE emulates even a memory card

It’s quite interesting how realistic this emulator is. Apart of the content and the installation process, it has several features adapted to everyone’s level. If you think that it’s too simple for you, you can add advanced characteristics during the installation process.

For using it, you must have CDs, CD images or even exe PSX files. If you have them and you’ve download it, you could enjoy this emulator. Remember, what’s quite important, that it runs better with Windows 7. If you want to get advantage of all its features, you may have this operating system.

Other alternatives for PC

You have several different options to play with, such as PSX Emulator, which is a free emulator also of the PlayStation. If you want to test it, remember that you have to install BIOS before downloading. You can also play as if you had a Nintendo 64 with Nineteen64 (1964).


AdriPSX ILE is a great emulator which will give you the possibility of playing those games that you like as if you had a PlayStation. It’s quite simple to play and to install.

  • Simple installation process
  • Memory card
  • Quite realistic
  • Free
  • Needs a lot of resources

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