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  • Version: USA
  • Date Updated: JUL-29-2013
  • Developer: Electronic Arts Inc.

Enjoy an improved experience thanks to FIFA 07 Patch

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FIFA 07 Patch is a fixing package for the game with the same name, which is part of the popular franchise of sport games.

This edition benefits from the improvements this patch provides as FIFA 07 Patch fixes some bugs for free. This way, there is no need for you to keep dealing with problems during your gaming experience.

FIFA 07 Patch upgrades your soccer

FIFA 2007 is a football game that allows you to play with your favorite teams in all sorts of leagues against other players or the game’s AI. Nevertheless, there were some problems in the original version that this patch fixes.

For instance, some graphic bugs are repaired with this utility. This way FIFA 07 Patch allows you to enjoy a more realistic football match against your contrary.

This package also corrects some gameplay problems as well as out-of-step lineups. Now the goalkeeper does not always succeed at stopping lobs, it depends on his experience and his overall quality. Moreover, this patch updates more than 2.500 lineups from different teams in order to keep this game as updated as possible.

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FIFA 07 Patch lets you enjoy an even more realistic and enjoyable sport game without the annoying bugs the original game presented. Just put your trainers on and start kicking the ball.

  • Free
  • Vanishes graphic errors
  • Creates a more realistic AI
  • Some bugs remain still

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