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Reason, an audio editing software that will give you a professional output

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Reason is a composer tool that allows you to produce your own music on your computer in a professional way.

Your media products that include audio files need to undergo certain editing to achieve your desired style. Having a magnificent music can add life to any presentation that you need to show. Sometimes, people tend to sacrifice the quality of their media product because they cannot accomplish task that requires hard work. This problem could be solved by Reason.

Reason 7.0.1 Features

Reason is a software that is primarily created for professionals who manipulate and create various music. It contains commands and tools which provide functions that can help you achieve incomparable work will it be in real-time recording or even recorded files.

Reason incorporates various rhythmic sequences, powerful sensitizers, sequencer, groove mixer and different effects and filters that will help you produce a high quality product. Reason comes with various advanced tools to compose music such as six oscillator, four different filters, a step sequencer, multiple lanes, vector automation, and dedicated device types and its unique and powerful 32 channels

Reason can also provide other useful effects such as RV-7 Digital Reverb, D-11 Foldback distortion, PH-90 Phaser, COMP-01 Compressor, UN-16 Unison and more tools.

On the other hand, if you are looking for similar software, you can try VioLet Composer or FlexiMusic Composer . Both can help you while composing and producing music and try to make easier this complex process.


Reason is a software that provides you high quality outputs when it comes audio creating and editing. It offers numerous practical and useful tools that you can use in order to achieve a professional product.

  • Various tools and functions
  • Complete tools
  • Numerous commands and tools included
  • Can be a bit complicated for beginners

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