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  • Date Updated: JUL-21-2015
  • Developer: Microsoft.

Flight Simulator X: We are ready for taking off, captain

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Flight Simulator X is a flight game developed by Microsoft which offers to the user a realistic experience of how to drive different types of planes. You can download the free trial version of FSX to get in touch with this simulator.

This is the tenth edition of this popular franchise and the improvement of its general performance is one of the things to take in mind. The main feature is the awesome realism which can make it a frustration for beginners but it will be surely a good challenge.

Look at the realistic effects of your aeroplane, the flexible wings of some aircrafts and take control of the safety of your passengers. Just go where the wind blows.

High definition included in this Microsoft's simulator

The graphics in the game have been severely improved. Flight Simulator X shows an impressive high resolution for your airplanes and the landscapes making it a great realistic simulator. The quality of the effects and the details of the different kinds of terrain will make you feel like you are in a real aircraft travelling around the world.

It also allows a hotkey for screen-shooting in case you like what you are seeing at that moment pressing the “V” key. It will instantly be saved in your personal folder of images. The bad thing about the game is the high requirements if you want to have its full graphic capacity.

Variety and full control of Flight Simulator X

Flight Simulator X offers more than 15 planes to the player. Each one is highly detailed in order to increase the realistic feeling when it comes to drive. The camera shakes if you are through turbulences showing you that you must keep calm and not to take many risks for your safety.

The gameplay is pretty accurate being loyal to the real driving. You can choose multiple airlines and complete different missions, which can be a real challenge for you. However, you should be very careful with your fuel meter: if you are out of it you will crash.


The simulation genre has been very popular in the PC platform for years. In the same category as this game you can find X-Plane that is also a great simulator. You can also try Aces High II to take a completely different flight experience since it is based on the World War II and has classic models for your enjoyment.


Flight Simulator X is a big and great simulator for experienced users who are delighted with excellent graphics and are eager to take off to anywhere, anytime. Take the flight and reach the sky.

Some functions are restricted

  • Great graphics
  • Realistic
  • Good variety of planes and modes
  • Huge requirements

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