Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5 Free Download


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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 4.5
  • Date Updated: SEP-08-2015
  • Developer: Microsoft.

Get your computer's necessary components with Microsoft Windows Installer

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Microsoft Windows Installer is a free system tool which allows your computer to install MSI packages.

The MSI components on Windows update your system with new functions and security fixes. You will need Microsoft Windows Installer to keep your system updated with the necessary packages in order to not put your Operative System in danger.

With this utility you will receive different system archives constantly to modify it automatically. You won't need to know almost anything about computers because the process is very simple. Microsoft Windows Installer connects with Microsoft servers and detects which files are needed in your system.

Easy updates for Microsoft Windows Installer

There are some features very interesting in this tool. One of the main ones is the Multiple Package Transaction which allows, Microsoft Windows Installer to groups up different package into a single one. This way if your computer is outdated in its Windows version the system will detect it and will start to download the different packs dynamically. A little window will warn you about the installation of new content.

It is also included the Embedded Chainer function which is able to add more updates to those that are being downloaded at that moment. You can add different package during the process and quit those file you don't desire to be installed on your computer.

Although the main version is the one in English, this program is available in more tan 17 languages other tan English. Furthermore it will work well with your computer, specially if you have Windows 7.

Now with even more options

If you want to customise the interface you can do it. With the Embedded UI Handler, in Microsoft Windows Installer you can change the User Interface into one more personal. Check your Panel Control once it is installed and play with the possibilities.

The system will also be noticed about the recent version of your software. In case there is available a new installation for you a little message will be displayed on your screen and you can choose if you want to update the component or not.


Microsoft Codec Installation Package will check on the Internet in case you need codecs to play correctly your media files with Microsoft's software.

Windows install clean up will remove elements undesired during the use of Microsoft Windows Installer in an easy way.


Microsoft Windows Installer is the software you need if you want to keep your system updated correctly since it is the officially supported by Microsoft and checks the correct packages for your security.

  • More security
  • Advanced functions
  • Works very well with Windows 7
  • Not only available in English
  • Only available on Windows

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