Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D 4.0 (Bing Maps 3D) Free Download


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  • Version: 4.0 (Bing Maps 3D)
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  • Date Updated: SEP-08-2015
  • Developer: Microsoft.

Travel around the world Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D

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Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D is a geography software that offers you a 3D view of every place that you can find on the Earth’s surface.

Taking a trip in different places near you or traveling around the world could be expensive. Another problem that frightens people to travel is the possibility of getting lost. Some travellers would also want to lessen the chances of missing a tourist spot as they spend too much time in a less amusing place. But now, all this problems can be prevented with the use of Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D.

Use Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D and never get lost again

Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D is a map tool that provides a complete view of the Earth and shows images of different infrastructures and almost everything found on the Earth’s surface. This will be helpful for travellers not to be lost in places they are new with. It could also be beneficial for them to know where the best spots are in a particular place.

It could provide several information regarding chosen projected places. This feature is also provided by Google Maps only that it doesn’t immediately show images of places unlike what Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D does.

Besides that, Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D offers a simple interface. All you have to do is move your mouse to transfer from one place to another. This software also provides simple icons that will help you in knowing different facts about various places.


There is now a new solution that tourists, vacationers or people that simply needs to go to a place can use without wasting time using less informative maps. With the use of Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D, you can have a clear view of what you can expect or what you want to know regarding a specific place.

  • Provides information
  • Provides 3D images
  • Simple to use
  • Some functionalities have been surpassed by its competitor

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