Microsoft Office Word Viewer 11.8169.8172 Free Download


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  • Version: 11.8169.8172
  • Date Updated: SEP-08-2015
  • Developer: Microsoft.

Access to all your text files without installing a full word processor using Microsoft Office Word Viewer

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Microsoft Office Word Vieweris an office suite which allows users to view or print documents for free without having to download the full version of the above mentioned program.

Although it could be a useful software, bear in mind that Word Viewer won’t let you to create, modify, export or save any document.

On the other hand, Microsoft Office Word Viewer can print, copy and paste any text file -no matter which version you have, even 2003. If you’ve used the original Word before, you’ll see that these functions work in the same way. It also works in all OS, Windows 7 included.

Microsoft Office Word Viewer vs original Word

Once you’ve opened Microsoft Office Word Viewer, you’ll see that both interfaces are really similar. However, the user can’t access to the editing tools.

Microsoft Office Word Viewer enables the user to visualize text files from any Word version and respects the fronts, sizes and the rest of the features saved in the original document. It supports DOCX and DOCM files as well as RTF, TXT, HTML, HTMMHT, MHTML, XML, WPS, WPD and WPSand XML.

Comparing to the full version of Word, which is quite heavy, this program doesn’t use a lot your system resources.


Despite the Viewer is a good choice for those who don’t need editing or advanced tools to work on their documents, hard users may think that the program isn’t enough. Microsoft Word, included in Microsoft Office 2010 Professional allows users to edit completely all text documents. It has a complete set of advanced office tools and you can do whatever you want with any Word document: create, change, export or save it.


Microsoft Office Word Viewer is an Office utility used to visualize, print, copy and paste documents on the fly without having the full version of Microsoft Word.

  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Print, copy and paste tools
  • Format supports
  • Low system resources usage
  • No editing tools
  • No export tool

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