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  • Date Updated: AUG-03-2015
  • Developer: Ejay.

Mix and create HipHop beats with HipHop eJay

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HipHop eJay is an audio mixing software with which you will be able to create Hip Hop music from basic samples.

If you have ever had the desire to create your own music, with this tool you will be able to fulfill your wishes. HipHop eJay permits the user to come up with audio tracks in an easy and entertaining way. So if you are into Hip Hop music, by using this program you will not only enjoy listening to it, you will also be able to create it.

Design new music might seem a little bit complicated, but you should not worry at all if you are not used to managing this sort of programs. HipHop eJay incorporates an intuitive interface suitable for all sorts of users. However, getting the exact sound you are looking for may be kind of complicated sometimes.

What HipHop eJay has to offer

HipHop eJay is characterized for the very short limitations it presents, as it includes lots of different samples from a wide range of styles such as Rhythm & Blues, Rap or Freestyle, as well as a beatbox that includes more than 500 different sounds.

Creating new Hip Hop music will be an accessible task as this program lets you manage five different instruments like a multitrack battery or a DJ port. Furthermore, you can also scratch with your mouse as if you were touching a vinyl.

Moreover, this software integrates FX Studio in order to modify or create new samples. HipHop eJay also includes various audio effect filters in order to provide your creations with a unique effect and let your mind run free with any idea you come up with.

Other possible choices

HipHop eJay is not the only audio mixing program you can find for free around the Internet, there are a bunch of similar alternatives such as Traktor DJ Studio, which enables you to remix your own audio creations and add effects to them in an efficient and easy way.

You can also try MixSense DJ Studio, with which you will be able to apply filters and different effects to any song you want, as well as mix a bunch of them to create a unique piece.


With HipHop eJay and your creativity you will have the necessary tools to create your own HipHop music, as well as to add effects to it and to come up with interesting and risking proposals.

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  • Efficient and works properly
  • Wide range of possibilities
  • Some codec issues

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