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  • Version: 6.1.2
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  • Date Updated: OCT-07-2015
  • Developer: Arobas Music.

Write, edit and listen to tabs for your guitar with the trial version of Guitar Pro

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Guitar Pro is a tablature editor that you can download for your guitar and other fretted instruments from 4 to 8 strings.

This free trial version allows you to create, read, edit and listen to full songs. Besides these main functions, this music editor enables to print, import and export files. With Guitar Pro you can also find full tabs for your instrument.

Guitar Pro is a software for guitarists and general users who like playing this instrument. Besides that, it is also used for those who want to start learning how to compose music. Thanks to Guitar Pro, you can also learn to play the guitar.

It has an intuitive and a fast interface that comes with a wide variety of advanced tools and functionalities. Although Guitar Pro is used for all kind of users, you have to bear in mind that you have to take your time in order to use it in an optimum way.

Guitar Pro 6.1.2 Features

Guitar Pro has a built-in MIDI editor (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) that enables a huge variety of electronic musical instruments.

It has a powerful audio engine which makes all the process very easy and fast. Once you have finished your composition, Guitar Pro can interpret your creations with high sound quality.

Guitar Pro stands out because of its availability of tools. It comes with many different functions which considerably improve a full sense of realism. For instance, you can add effects, create choirs, take notes and adjust tempo and sound level. Besides, you can also make full screen shots.

Similar software

To common users of this software, there are also some other alternatives like MuseScore Portable and TuxGuitar. Both have similar functionalities but are easier and simpler, so they are especially useful for those who are giving their first steps in playing and composing music.


Guitar Pro is a tabs editor used for professionals or music lovers in order to create, edit and read their projects.

  • Wide range of advanced tools
  • Powerful audio engine
  • Realistic
  • Different instruments
  • A bit complicated to use

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