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  • License type: TRIAL
  • Version: 4.00 Build 395
  • Date Updated: AUG-10-2015
  • Developer: ES-Computing.

A truly advanced text editor for Windows platform

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Most of the standard text Tools Editors that you can get aren’t really all that useful when it comes to advanced coding and writing code of any kind but EditPlus is definitely different in that aspect as it supports quite a few formats.

EditPlus is a really powerful text editor that will make the task of editing any sort of text files much simpler and way faster for you. The thing that sets EditPlus apart from numerous similar tools that you can get is the ability to work with all kinds of different code formats like HTML, PHP and similar text data. This makes EditPlus a really impressive solution that any user who has to work with a lot of text data will definitely learn to appreciate.

Support for various code formats combined with quite a few text tools that you can find in some of the best word editors today, make EditPlus a much better solution than most free programs that you can download. Tools like UltraEdit-32 or the free Notepad++ can be useful for some tasks but they simply won’t provide you with a wide array of valuable text editing tools like EditPlus will.

One of the best text editors today

Advanced functions like code generation and text editing can be done in a reliable and fast manner with EditPlus at your side, and this is why you should get EditPlus. EditPlus ability to help you out with any sort of work that you have to do is something that few other similar tools can do for you and one of the best reasons to get this tool.

If you need a good text editor, EditPlus is the program that you should download.

Trial Version Limitations

  • Nag screen.
  • You will be able to use it only for 30 days.

Formats Supported

PHP, Java, Perl, XML, Ruby, Python ,CSS

  • Advanced set of tools
  • Supports numerous code languages
  • Small system requirements
  • Versatile
  • Minor issues with PHP code syntax
  • Some limited interface

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