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Microsoft Visual Studio: Microsoft’s Integrated Development Environment Software Application

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Microsoft Visual Studio is Microsoft’s development platform used in the development of graphical and console applications. With this program you will not need to download other software to aim your objectives through your Windows OS, enjoy its free full trial version and start programming right away. Moreover, it is compatible with a large variety of Operation Systems like Windows 2000, Vista or Server 2005 and 2008.

This tool also allows you to develop full web applications, web services and Windows Forms applications in both native and managed code for all other platforms supported by Microsoft Silverlight, .NET Framework, Windows Mobile, Windows CE and .NET Compact Framework.

The power of this IDE platform

Microsoft Visual Studio gives users the power to edit and debug nearly every programming language available. The software does this by means of language services, which contains built-in support for programming languages such as C/C++, VB.NET, C# and F#, among others. Moreover, you will be able to download additional content for free so the possibilities are unlimited.

The application’s code editor and debugger, thus, can support in varying degrees many programming languages. Now, you’ll be able to open the code of other programming languages and make the necessary modifications or if you simply need to debug the full code, this IDE will allow you to do it quickly and easily.

How does this Microsoft Visual Studio platform work?

Essentially, Microsoft Visual Studio doesn’t support any specific programming language or tool per se but rather permits the plugging of functionality coded as VSPackage. VSPackage act as the medium in which the platform is able to interpret other programming languages. The software makes use of specific VSPackages called Language Services, to support different programming languages.

Akin to a lightweight tool like Microsoft Visual Basic Express and other versions, Microsoft Visual Studio allows you to open, edit and debug code right on your Windows operating system even if you do not have the original programming language installed. All you need is Microsoft Visual Studio. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy previous versions of this software, like the 2005 o 2008 ones.


Microsoft Visual Studio is an excellent Integrated Development Environment or IDE Software which is suitable for any kind of users, whether you’re a novice or an expert programmer. The platform will allow you to manipulate and debug code of other programming languages in a single application without the need to download other apps.

  • Free full trial version for a powerful IDE
  • Expandable to accommodate other programming languages
  • Newest version allows for development in Windows 8
  • Older versions available such as 2005 or 2008
  • Installation is straightforward and easy
  • New UI is a bit difficult to get used to
  • Icons are small and not that intuitive

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