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  • Version: 1.1
  • Date Updated: OCT-30-2013
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VCD Cutter is a simple image editor to cut your VCD videos

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VCD Cutter is a video editing software used to cut your VCD videos or MPG files in a simple way. This video tool allows you to edit your multimedia content easily with just a few steps. It's completely free and you can download it for almost any Windows version.

Sometimes we make a video but we don’t want to keep all of it, just a short section. With this video editor it is possible to save specific video parts without modifying the format. Although it does not have the option of converting your videos, VCD Cutter keeps the quality of any video file.

If you want just to cut certain parts of your projects without installing complicated programs as SONY Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, this is your best option.

The performance of this video editor is quite simple. You only have to select the beginning and the end of your file and click Save. You have the possibility of previewing your video fragment to make all the changes you want.

With VCD Cutter you will cut your videos instantly thanks to its clean and plain interface which will not cause you any trouble. Besides that, it will not occupy much space on your computer since its simplicity of functions.

VCD Cutter vs. other software for Windows

If you would like to try with similar software you can download Power Video Cutter, a more complete program that allows you not only to cut any scene you want, but also to convert your video files into a lot of formats such AVI, DAT, Divx and so on.

This option offers you a mixture of a converter and a cutter so you will have more options available.


VCD Cutter is an easy to use software limited to one function but with instant and good results. With this program you can cut your video files saving its format and quality.

  • Easy process
  • Simple interface
  • Good performance
  • Limited function

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