Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (64-bit) 6.1.6965 Free Download


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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 6.1.6965
  • Date Updated: SEP-09-2015
  • Developer: Microsoft.

Manage easily your Windows Phone content with Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (64-bit)

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Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (64-bit) is the mobile tool developed by Microsoft for connecting Windows Phone powered mobiles with your computer. This way you can download all of your mobile files into your computer and vice versa; moreover it supports different OS like Windows Vista or even 7.

It substitutes Microsoft ActiveSync on Windows Vista and its main function is to manage the multimedia content on your phone easily from your Personal Computer. Since it is based on 64-bit, Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 64-bit has improved its performance and has been able to incorporate more options than the previous version.

Besides, it synchronizes the schedule data on your computer with your mobile phone as well as your music and images for your comfort.

Keep yourself connected with Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (64-bit)

You can also download your email and all your contacts in your with this application. This way you will be informed in your mobile phone when you receive a message. You can also browse the folders and your files that are in your mobile phone so you can manage the contents much better and directly.

Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 64-bit manages your multimedia files efficiently. It can detect the content on your mobile phone, compare if there are new elements and download them into your device so you don’t need to worry and copy new files into your phone.

Interface and settings

Its interface is pretty simple, plug your phone to your PC and open the software. The main screen will show you the different options so you won’t need to look for exhaustively. It can manage applications on your device properly to keep its good performance.

Change the settings on this application in its menu to customize it even more. Synchronize your favorites list of Internet Explorer on your PC so your device would be an extension of it.


If you have a previous version to Windows Vista you can try the mentioned Activesync. However, if you haven’t, this is the only way to synchronize your Windows Phone device with you PC.


Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 64-bit allows you to sync all your data with your phone, so you will have access to them in two different devices for your comfort.

  • High transfer speed
  • Mail management
  • Very easy to use
  • Supported in Vista and 7
  • Only works with Windows phone devices

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